Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic Diffuser


Create a calming mood to help you unwind and relax or to provide a reviving and energising atmosphere whether around the home or a workplace.


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Key Features of the Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic Diffuser

  • Stylish and contemporary design.
  • Adjustable mood lighting.
  • Simple to use. Add water, a few drops of your chosen essential oil and switch on.
  • Safe to use. Automatic shut-off feature when the water runs low. No naked flame.
  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike scented candles, there are no toxic fumes released into the atmosphere.
  • Mini humidifier, ionizer, and air purifier
  • Easy cleaning. Remove the lid, pour out the water and wipe round with a clean tissue or cloth.
  • Large 300ml capacity.
  • Reputable Company. Absolute Aromas.


If you have concerns about the safety of naked flames or worry about the environmental impact of candles, using an electronic diffuser is just what you need. Using cold water and your choice of essential oils, you can create whatever mood you desire or provide general wellbeing support or specific health support at times when it is needed.

Once switched on, the diffuser will release a microscopic mist that humidifies the air whilst releasing health – enhancing negative ions into the air all around you. The negative ions will increase the flow of oxygen to your brain to combat drowsiness and increases mental alertness alongside the therapeutic benefits of the chosen essential oil.

The Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic diffuser includes a control to adjust the time of the vaporized mist to suit your requirements. You can choose for a single colour to be permanently on or allow the Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic diffuser to slowly rotate through a range of relaxing colours. Alternatively, you can switch the light off.

The Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic Diffuser incorporates an auto shut-off which is triggered when the water falls below the required level making it safe to use even with pets or young children around.

The Aroma-Bliss Ultrasonic diffuser comes supplied with a standard UK 3 pin plug which incorporates a transformer suitable for either 110v or 240v supply. For use outside of the UK a suitable plug adapter would be required.