Essential Oils and You

Sometimes doing good feels good too. That’s the beauty of essential oils.

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Essential Oils & You


Made from volatile compounds found in plants, they diffuse in the air and bring us a feeling of wellness, but they’re also a potent that can help to relieve physical ailments too. Humans have been using them to balance their wellbeing since ancient times, so it’s no wonder they’re so effective – they come from the same source as we do: the earth.

How to use essential oils

If I’m ever feeling a bit anxious or panicky about something then Frankincense or Hinoki are my go-to and with only a few inhales, I feel the distress subside. Wood oils are my favourite for my emotions and opening the bottle brings an instant calm.

But there are a number of ways we can set these precious compounds to work…

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Combining the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils, they are absorbed through the skin to produce a profound wellness experience. 

Essential oils permeate every cell in your body within 20 minutes, leaving you feeling tranquil and relaxed. 

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A gentle way to surround yourself with a restorative scent.

Inhaling essential oils stimulates both the olfactory system — the part of the brain that regulates sense of smell — and the limbic system, that deals with emotions and memories.

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Getting the right balance

We are all wonderfully unique and together we’ll find the right lifestyle blend for you. I encourage everyone to seek medical advice so we can work together with full clarity. Essential oils have been life-changing for me and I’d like to share this knowledge with you and support you to understand how to use as a complimentary addition to your lifestyle for the benefit of your wellbeing. 

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