Clinical Aromatherapy

A complementary and alternative therapy, beneficial in symptom management for specific health conditions or for general well-being.

essentially serene clinical aromatherapy

Clinical Aromatherapy vs. Aromatherapy


In the UK, Aromatherapy is not legally regulated so Clinical Aromatherapist and Aromatherapist are interchangeable and often misunderstood. But there is a big difference.

An Aromatherapist uses pre-blended essential oils in an aromatherapy massage to support relaxation but they do not specialise beyond that.

Clinical Aromatherapists train in the therapeutic use and application of essential oils. Learning the chemistry, botany, sustainability and safety of essential oils along with human physiology, pathology and anatomy, we understand how to identify and blend oils for specific health issues and are qualified and insured to work alongside medical professionals.

A Clinical Aromatherapist will work with you for general well-being advice and guidance or for inpatient, outpatient, pre-operative, palliative or end of life care.

What to expect when you work with me?


You are unique, your needs are unique. From the first time we meet, my service is tailored to you and I will be there on your journey with you.

Whether to support a specific health issue or for general well-being, we will start with a thorough health history so I am able to understand your needs and ensure I have all the information I need to support you effectively and safely.
It is important to me that your treatment is also appealing to you so we will also discuss certain essential oils so I am clear what aromas appeal to you.

Based on this, I will create a unique blend of essential oils tailored to you that is not only beneficial for the symptoms we are working towards, but also aromatically appealing to you supporting emotional, mental and physical well-being.

You are not just your condition and as such we will discuss a holistic treatment plan, encompassing you as a whole.
You will be given clear instructions how to use the blend, through inhalation, diffusion or topically.
We will remain in contact monitoring your progress and for you to feel fully supported at every point.
Depending on the health condition, further follow ups and blends may be required. This will be clearly advised at the initial consultation.

essentially serene clinical aromatherapy

Book an initial consultation and start your journey to improved health and well-being today.

Essential oils really have shown me that there is an alternative way we can support ourselves. I’m passionate about learning and developing and I’ve recently expanded my essential oils journey by studying both Emotional Aromatherapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.

I am a registered member with IFPA and look forward to offering my clients a more complete service.