A new passion and a journey to working with essential oils

I write this with 9 days to go until I sit my final exam to become a Clinical Aromatherapist. Eek!! A vast distance from my previous corporate career. In fact, not just a vast distance, but a whole continent apart from what I have always been used to!

Scary – hell yes; Liberating – absolutely; ‘Crazy’ many said to me!

Why did it all begin?

I spent years watching my physical, mental and emotional health deteriorate working in a Corporate environment. Finally – it only took 15 years – I realised that it was never going to improve. I needed to leave before it broke me. I needed to find the place where I could be me without worrying about the damage it was doing. In 2011, with no idea what lay ahead, I took the leap and left. Everything I had ever known in my work life was gone.

Fast forward to May 2019. I attended a charity event with a dear friend and won a raffle prize. A diffuser and a starter trio of 3 essential oils. Little did I know that those few items would change my life.

I had spoken to the same person that donated the raffle prize about a year earlier when considering natural support for my CFS and Fibromyalgia but had never followed it up.

The universe was telling me that I was clearly meant to be on this path. 

Was it really life-changing?

The first night we used the diffuser at home, my daughter was in bed, calm and asleep within about 30 minutes. Considering this had been a nightly 2-3 hour battle for years, this was no small progress and was not a one-off. So we used the diffuser in our bedroom and both my husband and I were sleeping deeper and easier than we could remember. Days did not seem so long and draining anymore.

Struggling with my health again, I wanted to investigate natural options to try and get back on track. Within a month, I had some energy back and was able to get through the days easier and the pain was not a daily occurrence. My husband who has Crohn’s disease was also seeing improvements in his wellbeing too.

3 different people, 3 improvements – we were converted to the power of these small bottles that nature had provided.

Everyone uses the ‘J’ word

But it truly has been a journey for me the last 5 years. Not only of discovery but of personal development and growth. The more I learnt about essential oils and just how powerful they are, the more I knew I wanted to help empower others with their health and wellbeing but I couldn’t put my finger on how.

I was using essential oils and natural products from doTerra – an American MLM company with exceptional quality products. But I wanted to be helping others in a way that did not align with an MLM business model.

But where to go?

I truly believe essential oils are a valuable tool in everybody’s health and wellbeing toolkit and I am passionate that there should be no barriers to being able to adopt them into your lifestyle.

Thanks to a 1:1 session that I nearly cancelled, I heard about Clinical Aromatherapy. The opportunity to be trained and insured to work with clients to support them with clinical conditions, to really make a difference in their health, whether independently or alongside GPs, consultants and specialists, was the game-changer for me.

With the training and knowledge gained in the past few years, not only can I help people, I can educate and empower them to support health and wellbeing.

YES – I had finally found what resonated with me!!

Using the power of 3-4 brands that I fully trust, the options are endless.

4 modules passed – each with distinction.

11 case studies submitted – all with distinction.

And so here I am today, 9 days from that final exam! Wish me luck!