A simple yet effective overall wellness experience using essential oils and delicate human touch.

AromaTouch both hands on back

What is AromaTouch?


The AromaTouch Technique® is a relaxing yet powerful combination of the benefits of human touch and essential oils providing an overall wellness experience. 

The AromaTouch Technique® is a delicate touch application of essential oils along the meridian lines of the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. It is not the same as a regular massage due to there being no pressure applied, it is so much more!

The power of human touch


Touch is the first sense that we develop when we are born. We receive tactile messages whilst in the womb and this is our first form of communication.

Studies have shown that touch can communicate not only many emotions – love, gratitude, fear, anger, sympathy – but also the intensity of these emotions. 

The right kind of touch can lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and heart rate. 

Gentle touch can influence psychological responses and the delicate touch of the AromaTouch Technique can assist with activating the release of Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone), decreasing heart rate and blood pressure and have beneficial responses stress sensitive bodily systems. 

Dual AromaTouch on back
AromaTouch Diffused Kit Slanted

A unique blend


The AromaTouch Technique has been carefully developed by Dr. David K. Hill (doTERRA Chief Medical Officer) using a combination of 8 specific oils ensuring the maximum benefit to the receiver.

After trying many combinations, the final magic blend includes Balance*, Lavender, Tea Tree, On Guard*, AromaTouch*, Deep Blue * Wild Orange and Peppermint. (* doTERRA unique proprietary blends)

These 8 oils create positive benefits and offer a calming and restorative aromatic profile. 

Your limbic system controls emotions, memories and moods, which is why the aroma element is so valuable to your overall wellbeing.

£45 per treatment* for clients visiting myself or within 15 miles of Winchester where treatment is preferred in their own home. 

Additional travel costs for visits further than 15 miles from Winchester.