Supporting You Naturally

Essential oils have helped me to discover a more natural lifestyle and have supported me to change my life. My heartfelt wish is that they can change yours too. I’d love to share with you the benefits of these little bottles of magic and support you to a healthier, happier, more natural you!

Annika Vincent Essential Serene Clinical Aromatherapist

Hello I'm Annika!


Everything is connected: body and soul; emotions and wellbeing; the physical and psychological.

Good health is a matter of keeping these things in balance and I choose to tap into the ancient wisdom of essential oils as part of a natural lifestyle to help me do this.

I’d like to help you do the same thing.

You are Unique!


We live in a quick-fix world but all too often, we end up treating the symptom rather than the root cause. I know all too well that pain can stop you playing with your children, lack of energy can make it difficult to function at work, and chronic issues can rob you of your joy and leave you exhausted.

annika vincent clinical aromatherapist winchester 1
annika vincent clinical aromatherapist winchester

It’s time for a change


There is only one of you, which is why my service is 100% tailored to your needs. From the first time we meet, I’ll be there on your journey with you, ready to share my passion and expertise. We’ll discuss the best natural lifestyle choices and essential oils for you and how to use them – from the off, this is all about you and we’ll move at your pace.

Find out how essential oils can help you...

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